Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm beginning to blog a lot like Christmas

Okay now that baseball season is over (go Yanks!) I can finally return to the blogosphere, and since I seem to be getting increasingly bored at work, expect more posts...hopefully.

But I'm not sure if you people have noticed but it's a week until Thanksgiving already and of course that means Christmas decorations were up a month and a half ago, but now it's okay to talk about it. And since it's the Christmas season, I've decided to do a brief little ditty on my three favorite Christmas movies of all time.

3.Jingle All the Way

-Ahnold Schwartzenegger's Christmas flick about the toy every kid wants is fabulous, I'm not going to say it's Oscar worthy material, but Arnold and Sinbad have an awesome chemistry in the flick, mix in a little bit of Phil Hartman, and top it off the The Big Show in the biggest damn Santa suit I've ever seen, you have an epic win.

2.The Grinch

-I am referring to Jim Carrey's version, although I do love the cartoon as well, I just thought Carrey brought such life to the Grinchy character and they expanded the story well enough without taking away from the central message of the story and kept it humorous enough. The supporting cast also has a lot of really good comedic talent behind it and they make Whoville a really vibrant place to live in.

1.Die Hard

-Seriously, the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Don't think this is a Christmas movie? Let's take a look at the facts, random Christmas party where people get drunk? Check. Naughty people getting punished by not getting what they want for Christmas? Check. Use of the word “Ho.” is a Santa-esque variety? Check. Check. Check. Movie beginning and ending with Christmas music? Check. Obligatory family hug in the snow? Check. Happy ending? Yipee ki yay mother checker! Oh yeah there's also a fat guy enjoying sugared treats, thank you Carl Winslow. So you say Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie, I say fie onto you and argue it is the greatest Christmas movie.