Friday, July 18, 2008

First post featuring the Friday 5

Actual musings will come later but I figured I'd kick this bitch off right with the Friday 5

1. If you could change one life-changing event in the life of someone important to you, would you?

Well it really depends, if they knew about it and approved of the change then I might especially if it helped them out a lot. But otherwise, I don't think I'd like to have control over someone else's destiny. Besides a life-changing event is usually life-changing for a reason and there is always something to be learned and gained from things like that.

2. Which do you think is easier to do, being friends for many years, or being life partners for many years?

You know my dad used to say to me that you will have many friends in life, many come and go as freely as the wind, but you have to hold on to the special select group of people that will be your friends for life. And I'd say that is pretty damned difficult to do.

3. Have you ever walked away from someone you considered a friend?

I would never walk away from someone I considered a friend no matter the circumstances, if one of my friends need me I will be there in any capacity I can be or have to be.

4. If you had to choose between telling the truth and hurting a friend or lying and making them happy, which would you choose?

Probably in the long run I think the truth is always best, but softening the blow and comforting them afterwards I think would have to be necessary.

5. Which would you rather hear--the truth which will hurt, or the comforting lie?

Lie to me baby.

Seriously, I think I'd also rather eventually hear the truth, if I'm honest with my friends I'd want them to be honest with me, and the pain will eventually go away.

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Nicolette DeLuccia said...

I'm glad you started a blog! I need stuff to read at work. I wanna read your Batman blog but I'm going to wait till i've seen the movie....

and ps: i lifetime friends rock;)