Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday 5 is as Friday 5 does...

1. What’s something really, really stupid you’ve done that could easily have resulted in your own death

My own death? Probably driving when I was really tired about a year or so ago....never a good idea.

2. What makes you feel stupid?

Anytime I go off on a little rant or tangent and it turns out the whole basis of my argument was flawed from the start.

3. What’s something that’s stupid in a very smart way?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Homestar Runner

4. What’s an example of a stupid idea working out in a way that solved a problem?

When I was looking for a place of my own I relied on someone who isn't exactly reliable on leaving her place and when she didn't I ended up with the place I have now at a far reduced rate, so I'd say everything worked out for the best.

5. There is apparently a brand of packaged popcorn called Smartfood. What might be found in the package labeled Stupidfood?

2 Fishbowls.....

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