Monday, August 11, 2008

Silence is golden?

It's not often that I get inspiration for a blog from a Myspace survey, but that's what happened last night.

The question posed was what was the last word you said aloud?

Seems like an easy one right? Well not for someone who lives alone. Every time I see something like that I realize how little I talk out loud when I'm at home. I mean I still have loads of conversations with a bunch of friends and everything but 90% of them are done through the series of tubez known as the internet.

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this seemingly lack of oral communication that seems to happen from time to time. I mean sure I could scream at video games or the television but it does kinda seem a bit odd because when you enunciate yourself aloud, you are usually looking for a response of some form and living alone, there is no one to fill that void.

Is this some form of saying that phone conversations have now become passe? Back when I was a little kid, anytime you wanted to talk to a friend or something like that you had to use the rotary dial phone and get the phone with the extra long cord and pull it into a room where no one else could hear your secret conversations (I'm really dating myself here I realize). But these days, you have so many forms of soundless communication. Texts messages, instant messaging services, twitter, even blogs have almost supplanted the subtle science of the spoken word.

I'm not sure if this has any cultural relevance to how the human family has evolved or anything like that...and I'd have time to think about it, but my phone is sending em twitters left and right so I guess I'll cut it off here for now.

......See what I did there?

Have a good week kids.

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