Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Let go.





We wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Well whichever term you like, that's my current state right now.

It's an odd feeling, a feeling that I personally have never experienced in my life before, and a state in my life that I haven't been in roughly since I was in 9th Grade. I am unemployed with no discernible sense of income for the time being. When I was in 9th Grade I started my first ever job: working at Toys R Us. It seemed like the perfect fit at the time. It was a part time gig, got to essentially make my own hours, and I got a sweet discount and was able to get all the prime toys. I got to experience a lot, got to work with kids and make them laugh, and best of all, it provided immediate job satisfaction. The look of joy on a parent's or child's face when you got them exactly what toy they were looking for made that job worth every minimum wage dollar, and it was the reason I would go back during college specifically during the Christmas rush.

And my second job was another part time deal that I did during off hours at Toys R Us which was tutoring some of my friends during high school. I was lucky enough to be the guy that could (at least seemingly) fit in with any clique in high school, so when the cheerleaders needed help in math, chem, bio, basically any subject I was the one they turned to for help. Needless to say, that wasn't too bad of a gig either.

College was quite kind to me career wise as well. Sure, I could have just as easily gone back to Toys R Us but I started to pad my resume at IBM with several internships. I went back and forth between the two IBM site back home and made some good money from it. But to be honest, none of the careers there really seemed to click with me. I'm not sure if I just didn't get enough time to really get to work there considering each session was only three months, or if I was simply distracted for the most part. But I was only mildly peaked by two out of the four internships there.

Right after I graduated college, I had another internship for IBM, but more than that I also had another job coming my way that I had a lot of fun with. I became the organic lab assistant for my Alma mater Manhattan College. Now granted, I was just starting my graduate school so this job wasn't going to be anything permanent but it enabled me to stay busy, learn more about chemistry and make a lot of really cool friends. The best part about that job was being able to actually help kids learn organic chemistry. And a lot of the kids there were really cool just to hang out with and chill, many of them I'm still friends with today. And they all say that the organic classes when I was there they learned a lot more and had a lot more fun at the same time, and in the long run isn't that really what it's all about.

As my grad classes neared their conclusion I knew the inevitable would come. I had to eventually find a job. So, the interview process began. My classic suit was donned over and over again for interviews, career fairs, and other such related things in order to sell my services to any company out there that would take me. I finally landed at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. I never saw myself in pharmaceuticals before, but then again I never really knew what kind of profession I saw myself in. But when I got there, I made a whole bunch of really good friends and I gained a lot of experience both internally about the field and about myself. They helped me pay off for most of the rest of my Master's degree and I was able to get a lot of good knowledge from everyone there. And then this past Monday, I was brought in to my second line manager's office and promptly told to pack my shit and go.

And now here I sit.

Basically with nothing to do for work for the first time since 9th grade.

And part of me really wants to get right back out there and get interviewing again and to find something bigger and better.

But for now...I am sort of looking forward to just taking a well-deserved break.


Will Rutherford said...

You know you always have friends here in the Burgh sir. Whatever you need brother.

Jasper John R. said...

Hello fellow Jasper,

I know it may sound strange, but they may have done you a favor. My first "nuking" was, but I didn't see it that way.

I have a help page

And, I have "Jasper Jottings" ezine that you might find useful.

Yell if I can help.

You are very much not alone.